Blue Ribbon Pet Sitting, LLC “Your Best Friend’s Best Friend” HOW OUR SERVICE WORKS When you contract Blue Ribbon Pet Sitting, we arrange a visit to your home shortly before you leave. This visit is for the purpose of meeting you and your pets and gathering detailed information about caring for your pet(s). At this time, we will pick up two sets of keys to your home. One key will be kept in a lock box at our office and the other will be kept with us. (Please be sure that the keys will unlock the lock). We always pick up and return keys personally. During this visit, you decide how often you want your sitter to visit each day and what services you want performed. Fees are based on the number and type of pet(s) and the number of visits per day. While you're away, we will: • feed and water your pets • exercise them • give medicine, vitamins and other special care. • get medical treatment in case of illness • give lots and lots of TLC While taking care of your pets, we will be happy to water your plants and make your home look "lived in" by bringing in mail and newspapers and adjusting draperies and lights. OTHER SERVICES WE PROVIDE Daily dog walks, pet taxi, puppy day breaks and overnight sitting. Even if you are not leaving home, there may be instances where we can be of service. Unusual working hours or lengthy illnesses may make it difficult to properly care for your pet. Please call to discuss how we may help. TO ARRANGE FOR SERVICE Please call us at least four days before you are scheduled to leave town. During the holidays and summer months it is best to give us at least a week's notice. RATES AND SERVICES Blue Ribbon Pet Sitting rates are determined by the type and number of pet(s) needing our care and by length of service. Please contact us for a personalized estimate at (575) 523-8723. Terms of Use Copyright © 2012-13 Blue Ribbon Pet Sitting, LLC Sitemap Privacy