Blue Ribbon Pet Sitting, LLC “Your Best Friend’s Best Friend” and was going over the rainbow that day. Lisa took time out of her day and we cried together and told stories. She was our pet sitter for 5 years. We still use her for our 3 cats, one with a medical issue. Her honesty is refreshing when we talk about the cat with medical needs. She was worried, we talked and Harley went to the vet. She gives a new meaning to worry free vacations!"  -- Judy k. "I Never Leave Home without Blue Ribbon pet sitting! My welsh terrier and Siamese cat always love when I go away so their 'Auntie Lisa', owner, Lisa Westbrook of Blue Ribbon Pet Sitting services, can come and take care of them. Lisa is the only person I would trust in my home with my animals, both that have medical issues. She is caring, loving, very playful with the pets, pays attention to details in the care of them, and overall relates fantastically with their unique personalities. Her services are bonded and licensed, which I liked when I first found out about her. I use her on a weekly basis and never have had any problems and/or complaints, especially from Lulu and Lao. I highly recommend Blue Ribbon Pet Sitting for the special critters in your home. A very satisfied customer"  -- Kathi B. "We have been using them for years and the dogs love their "Auntie Lisa" and "Uncle Paul". They do everything, including administer medicine. Always our first choice."  -- Robert W. "Blue Ribbon is the only pet sitting service I would ever use. Responsive (necessary when you need it asap), reliable, my dogs like them better than us (sure sign of a five (or six) star service) and they handle everything while away- paper, mail, plants. Woof from Las Cruces."  -- Jackson T. "Truly Caring and Outstanding Service - We have been customers of Blue Ribbon for several years and Lisa is exceptional in the quality of care that she delivers to our 4-legged family members. She goes above and beyond expectations every time. It is obvious that she has set very high standards for her company with respect to the level of customer service that she provides."  --  Patti "Unbroken Bond - Lisa is not into pet sitting because of the money, but an deep caring of not only the animal, but of the whole family. I will never forget last year when our dog reached the old age of 18 Terms of Use Copyright © 2012-13 Blue Ribbon Pet Sitting, LLC Sitemap Privacy